Unsafe water in Acholi Quarter springs

Posted on April 25, 2012


Chanwat Ronald (11) spoke with one of our reporters today about water in the Quarter. “Many people in the quarter take and drink unsafe water but others boil it.” He also said the some of them drink tap water. “Also diseases associated with water are disturbing people in the area of Acholi Quarter and he said we should join hands to stop such things in the environment. Water is a problem because many people in Acholi Quarter drink and use unsafe water.”

Another boy (10) said they always use water from the well for drinking and for domestic uses such as washing utensils, bathing and other activities. He also said most people drink unboiled water and some them are suffering from diseases that are caused by drinking and using unclean water.

We at the AQ Youth News want cleaner water for everyone and we want to hear your views on this. Have you ever suffered from drinking contaminated water?  You could see your words in print in Acholi Quarter Youth News.

Posted in: Health