Kids in Acholi Quarter say “Lack of toilets is our biggest problem”

Posted on April 25, 2012


Recent research done by the editorial team  about the problems that are faced by the people in the Acholi Quarter: Many children said that toilets are the biggest problem.

Otim Joseph (12) said “People in Acholi quarter like defecating in some of the partly finished houses in the Quarter because they find it difficult to dig latrines. Some even defecate in rubbish pits.”

Joseph continued “there are few toilets and there are many people who cannot use the few  latrines, in order to solve this problem, the government needs to construct more toilets in the Quarter. If they don’t, people will be affected with diseases which may lead to many negative results which can even spoil the proper living of people in the Quarter.”

Another reason why people are not building toilets is because of lack of land in the Quarter, whereby a person can only own a small piece of land which can only be for sitting room and bed room, and in that situation he/she can have a kitchen in that small room and you will find that there will be no space for him or her to place a toilet.


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