Malaria: A problem for children in Acholi Quarter

Posted on April 25, 2012


Malaria is a disease spread by a female Anopheles mosquito.

It is a dangerous disease because it can kill when not treated. You can reduce the chance to get malaria when you  sleep under a treated mosquito net or when you drain stagnant water around your environment.

Research amongst children in the Acholi Quarter found that 40% had already had the disease this year, though none were aware of any

that had died from the disease this year.

“The cost of malaria medicine is high, sometimes more than 6,000 shillings and our families cannot normally afford that” said Brian Ogwang, aged 12. “When you are ill, you can only hope that you don’t get worse and maybe even die, when the medicine is not there.”

Most children in the Acholi Quarter know about malaria and how to prevent it, but here is a helpful list of things that can be done to help reduce the problem:

1. Drainstagnant water around you to prevent breeding of malaria germs

2. Sleep under treated mosquito net to prevent spread of malaria

3. Spraying using insecticides to kill mosquitoes to prevent spread of malaria in our environment

4. Use mosquito coils in our houses to prevent mosquitoes from spreading malaria

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