“We hate adults fighting” say children

Posted on April 25, 2012


On the 17th .May .2011, there was fighting  between a husband and wife, Akena  Francis aged 11 reported.  ‘’Yesterday, I found a wife and husband fighting about  food. The husband asked the wife that why haven’t she cooked food for him and his children, the wife replied that the husband does not left any money  for buying food that day and they started fighting at that time.”

Talking to other children in the Acholi Quarter, many said they hated their parents fighting, as sometimes they also got beaten too, because they were there.  Our reporters found thatthere are many cases of fighting among husbands and wives in many houses in  Uganda today for many reasons, such as:

Drinking of alcohol by some men which can make them to beat their wives in their house; and some women do things which are not liked by their husbands, such as cooking food late and giving the children too little food to eat.

Reporter: Regan Peter 

Posted in: Social Issues